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Books in this range include:

4837702795 やさしい手まり(1集)Yasashii (Easy) Cosmo 1
4837702805 創作てまり(2集)Sousaku (Creative) Cosmo 2 24837702813 新しいてまり(3集)Atarashii (New) Cosmo 3 34837702821 新しい手まり(4集)Atarashii (New) Cosmo 4 4837702832 新しい手まり(5集)Atarashii (New) Cosmo 5 483770784x 新しい手まり(6集)Atarashii (New) Cosmo 6 64837708854 新しい手まり(7集)Atarashii (New) Cosmo 7

These books, written in Japanese by temari master Ozaki Sensei, are affectionately known as the Cosmo series 1-7. Once you've worked through the English language books by authors such as Suess and Vandervoort this is the place to look for further inspiration. Books one and two have step by step how to photos and all the books have diagrams to show how to complete many of the projects. This series will give you so much inspiration for your temari making.

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