Temari Base - Combination Divisions


Want to make temari but not sure how to make the base? Can't tell what it should be like from the picture in a book? Maybe you just want to skip to the fun part.

Let us make the base for you.

Bases are approximately 27cm in circumference and are wrapped in Red, White or Black thread. Several division options available please make your selection from the drop down menu.

The balls are made from traditional rice hull and divided with our lovely Nordic Gold thread in ND 1 on White, ND2 on Red and ND3 on Black.

Other colours may be requested, but as they will be a custom order the temari elves may need a day or so to wrap them for you. Just ask.

Postage within Australia is $6.00 for a single item or $3.00 when ordered with other items. This item is not available for sale outside of Australia.


  • C8 Black - 100% in stock
  • C8 Red - 100% in stock
  • C8 White - 100% in stock
  • C10 Black - 100% in stock
  • C10 Red - 100% in stock
  • C10 White - 100% in stock